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Who is Celebrate Recovery for?


Many people carry serious damage in their lives, from past mistakes or from experiences where they have been a victim of others. Some find destructive ways to ‘cope’ with feelings of guilt, shame or pain from the past, such as addictive behaviours or negative attitudes towards themselves or others


Deep-rooted issues can leave individuals with a sense of nowhere to turn for understanding or help in their struggles. But there is hope!


Celebrate Recovery offers the opportunity of a fresh start, new hope, ongoing support and encouragement to those seeking recovery from a variety of ‘hurts, hang-ups and habits’.


Celebrate Recovery is run by people who have themselves recovered from significant ‘hurts, hang-ups or habits’. It is a safe place to share and find support in overcoming problems and recovering life as God intended. It does not provide therapy or counselling.


Celebrate Recovery can help people who struggle with these issues and much more...


HURT: an emotional reaction to another person’s behaviour or to a disturbing situation. e.g. adultery, abuse, relationship breakdown, neglect...


HABIT: an addiction to someone or something. e.g. alcohol, food, gambling, sex, smoking, eating disorders, pornography...


HANG-UP: a negative mental attitude adopted as a defence against hurt or adversity. e.g. destructive anger, unforgiveness, anxiety, low self-esteem...


Who is Celebrate Recovery for?

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“Because of sin, we’ve all hurt ourselves, we’ve all hurt other people, and others have hurt us. This means each of us needs repentance and recovery in order to live our lives the way God intended”
Rick Warren