Celebrate Recovery ® UK North East

What is Celebrate Recovery?


Celebrate Recovery is a year-long 12 step Christian recovery programme based on eight principles from the Beatitudes - Matthew 5:3-10. It aims to help people apply these biblical principles to their daily living and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, discovering His power to help them overcome struggles.




The Eight Principles of Celebrate Recovery are the backbone of the programme. The 25 Celebrate Recovery lessons that are read at weekly meetings over the course of the year-long programme take us through these eight principles. Some Celebrate Recovery groups are able to offer weekly Step Studies which meet at a different time to the main Celebrate Recovery meetings. The four Participant’s Guides are used in the Step Study groups only; these guides help us to apply the eight principles in more depth.


Celebrate Recovery originated at Saddleback Church, California in 1991. Click here to find out more. To find out about Celebrate Recovery programmes running in North East England click here. Celebrate Recovery is also run by many others churches in the UK. Click here to find out more.