Celebrate Recovery ® UK North East


about Celebrate Recovery from participants



“My relationship with my parents was marked out by pain, anger and frustration. I struggled with anxiety, resentment and a strong desire to please others. I also found it difficult to forgive others and to admit to the things I’d done wrong. I’ve started to trust God’s promises, and an honesty and healing has been brought to many of my relationships. Words cannot express my gratitude for the peace that has been restored to my life along with the love, laughter and honesty that I’ve found at Celebrate Recovery.”


“It’s been good to get to know people in similar situations.”


“Having completed Celebrate Recovery, I find myself in a welcomed and much dreamed of position where I no longer binge eat. Celebrate Recovery principles have helped me to believe in a big God and rely more on his power.”


“The structured teaching at Celebrate Recovery has been excellent, helping me to understand what has contributed to my problems and enabling me to move forward.”


“Childhood abuse left me resentful. My coping mechanisms involved sexual promiscuity, binge drinking and occasional drug abuse. Guilt and shame consumed me. Celebrate Recovery has helped me to focus on biblical promises of God’s healing for me; I now look to my heavenly Father for the power to change and my burdens of guilt and shame have been left at the cross.”


“As a Christian sometimes it’s easy to feel like we shouldn’t have problems or at least ones that seem to have a hold on us. Celebrate Recovery is a great place to be honest about things we struggle with, to meet others who share difficulties and to learn to fully rely on God to help us work through them.”


“I struggled with low self-esteem and a desire to always want people to like me. I often felt let down by people who didn’t behave in a way I expected which led to me being low in mood. Through attending Celebrate Recovery my self-worth has improved, I am more contented and have discovered a whole new group of friends who help me, each week, to live the Principles and are a great source of support and strength. I am learning to deal with my issues thanks to Celebrate Recovery and I praise God.”